After seeing similar infographic-style animations from our competitors in the market, I proposed a similar solution to the client. Our target audience has a population that is low in literacy, so video-infographics could potentially be more successful than the typical print version. I helped script the video, storyboarded, and animated the Medicaid 101 video in Adobe AfterEffects, using original vector illustrations. This video was used in the Warming Campaign for Open Enrollment.
Exterior and interior sides of the Medicaid Open Enrollment mailer. The mailer went through several iterations as data was updated, and then updated again and again. The iterative process was important, as the final piece was sent to 1,747,262 potential members.
Exterior and interior sides of the MyCare Open Enrollment mailer. With this mailer, I learned the challenges of producing pieces that are HIPAA-compliant; pieces must be meticulously proofed for non-compliance, lest the client pay staggeringly large fines. 
When designing for a large media buy, I learned that one can expect to translate the same layout into many, many different shapes and sizes. This ad, developed based on the look and feel of the Open Enrollment mailer, was applied to billboards, kiosks, benches, buses, and bus shelter ads. Additionally, it needed to be reformatted into digital, print, and social media ads. While this work can be seen as tedious, designing for every channel - outdoor, print, digital, and social - is essential experience and can be disastrous (and costly!) if done incorrectly.