Buckeye Baby Showers
Buckeye hosted virtual and drive-thru baby showers across the State to educate and provide resources and supplies for new and pregnant moms. Buckeye’s community relations team provided health information, referrals to Buckeye’s Start Smart for Your Baby program and giveaways to more than 550 Ohioans. I supported the effort by creating invitations, yard signs with helpful tips, and handouts including a Milestone chart, infant immunizations schedule, and Baby’s first year guide.
Members were informed about the drive-thru and virtual baby showers through a multifunctional flyer and email blast that included a QR code by request of the client. Yard signs were printed and placed throughout the drive-thru, with helpful information for new mothers to read as they waited in line.
The Milestone chart and immunizations schedule were used as takeaway resources for new moms. The challenge for the design was organizing large amounts of information in a way that was easy to understand and read through. 
The final resource for new mothers we created was a Baby’s first year guide, to be downloaded or printed at home. It allows members to track each doctors visit and the growth of their baby over time. It also contains a copy of the immunizations schedule, so that members can keep all of their resources in one place.
Start Smart for Your Baby Program Materials
Buckeye offers a special program that provides personalized care and resources for at-risk pregnant women and their babies, known as Start Smart for Your Baby. To showcase the effectiveness of the program, I created a series of materials that shared outcomes and member testimonials in visually interesting ways: an informative brochure, member mission-moment one sheet, and social media posts.
Informative brochure created to educate members about the Start Smart for Your Baby program. This brochure was one of the few pieces of which I was directed to strictly follow Buckeye brand standards: all-green color palette, black and white photos, and no wiggle room on type treatment. While following these standards to a T is not my favorite thing to do, it's an important skill to know how to create something visually appealing under tight restrictions.
BrandWell produced a video of Autumn, a member and new mom who serves as the unofficial face of Start Smart for Your Baby. My responsibility following the video shoot was retouching the photos and creating successful campaign images. Here is the 'before and after' of the main campaign image. The client wanted Autumn's image touched up, and to seriously tone down her hair so it was no longer the focus of the photo. In the retouched version, the focus is on her beautiful, smiling baby girl.
Original photo
Original photo
Retouched campaign image
Retouched campaign image
We used Autumn's story as a member mission moment, which usually follows a video format and serves as a digital ad spot. However, we concepted the idea of a one-sheet for these mission moments, as an alternative way to consume the story. This, combined with related Start Smart for Your Baby social media posts gives readers an overview of her journey with Buckeye in a simple, approachable format that can be duplicated for other members.