Compliance Coffee
To kick off the series, Buckeye’s VP of Compliance hosted two “Compliance Coffee” hours to train and educate the staff about important compliance procedures and protocols. I supported the webinars by strategizing and creating the branding of the presentation, including logo, PowerPoint template, Zoom backgrounds, and email invitations, assisting with the production of the webinar, and providing tech support throughout the presentation.
According to the brief, the branding for this event needed to be Buckeye-focused, while also incorporating coffee and bow-ties (the signature look of Buckeye's Chief Compliance Officer). I worked on and presented several logo iterations to the client - one of which included a custom illustration of the speaker. Below are the logos that ended up on the cutting room floor.
The client loved the third option with a small tweak, and preferred a less realistic caricature of the speaker illustrated by BrandWell's Chief Creative Officer. These client-approved elements were then used to inform the branding for the event.
I created a few options of virtual backgrounds for the speaker to use during the Zoom webinar, as well as email invitations, reminders, and thank-you's. When the event was over, we had a total of over 300 employees tune in to attend the webinar.
Lunch Bunch Trivia
To engage employees in a fun and culture-building activity, Buckeye hosted a virtual trivia lunch hour. The custom trivia event included questions related to weekly CEO business updates and was branded to kick off a culture-building series. I supported the lunch bunch webinar by strategizing and creating event branding and materials, developing trivia questions, and coordinating and leading the technical production of the program.
The logos I created and presented to the client ranged from simple and conservative to fun and abstract. While this is a fun event, aimed at building culture and engaging employees, I still wanted to give the client options in terms of how they wanted the event portrayed. 
The client chose the second option - the sandwich - with some slight tweaks. This choice informed the rest of the event branding, including a fun sandwich pattern that served as the host background.
Other deliverables included digital email graphics, that were sent as invites, reminders, and thank-you emails for the event's promotion. It was important for this correspondence to be branded in order to keep the message clear and consistent for employees who wanted to attend the event.
Pathways Community Hub Training
Buckeye Health Plan needed to train its associates on a special partnership with community pathways hubs. I supported a webinar training project in collaboration with Buckeye’s Chief Medical Officer and Pathways Hub workgroup by strategizing and creating event materials, creating an informative document to explain the referral process for each hub, and serving as webinar technician producing the live webinar through Zoom with live polling, videos and Q&A. More than 350 associates attended the live presentation. 
The PowerPoint presentation for this training event was extensive, as it combined information from 11 different HUBs throughout Ohio. Because of the amount of information that needed to be covered, I created graphics to communicate the content in visually-interesting ways. 
The challenge with this event was being conscious of the hours we billed to the client; because there were extensive deliverables, we couldn't bill the time to create a logo and formal branding for the presentation, especially since it was a one-off event. Because of this, the look of the PowerPoint had to inform the rest of the deliverables.
Other deliverables included correspondence with employees about the event. Associates received an invitation, reminder, and follow-up emails before and after the presentation. I also created a certificate of completion that could be filled in via Adobe Acrobat, so the client could easily input the names of attendees. 
An additional deliverable available to attendees post-event was an interactive PDF document with information about all 11 HUBs in Ohio. The PDF featured a map that highlighted the 58 counties and the HUBs that serve them. Viewers could click on either the map or the name of the HUB below, and would be taken to the page in the document offering more information about the HUB. I helped conceptualize this deliverable, and was responsible for organizing all of the information featured inside.