As BrandWell expanded its team, setting the stage for growth and rejuvenation, we explored the idea of refreshing the original 2017 brand, conducting an internal audit to benchmark our digital presence against other agencies in Central Ohio. Here is the existing branding at that time.
I lead the design refresh, with the goal of appearing more dominant, relevant, and youthful compared to competitors. To start, we revamped the color scheme, keeping the teal blue color our founder loved, but elevating the saturation and pairing it with its compliments, as seen in the color scheme development here.
The owner and creative director designed the original logo with great care; the four shapes comprising the "BW" collectively form a circle. Because of this, I kept changes to the logo mark small, incorporating the new color scheme and changing the layout slightly.
Through conversations with the owner, we determined the creative influences that were important to maintain with the new branding, including mid-century modernism and shape repetition. I began incorporating these themes into collateral designs, like the presentation deck below.
Simultaneously with the rebrand, I began redesigning the agency's website in collaboration with leadership and our development team. Utilizing the approach of atomic design, I created a framework where smaller design elements - buttons, forms, and typography styles - were meticulously designed to be reusable and consistent throughout the website. This not only streamlined the development process but also allowed for easy scalability and maintenance, resulting in a more cohesive and user-friendly web experience for our visitors.
In lieu of a hero image to welcome you to the site, I created an animation of the "BW" logo deconstructing to form a circle, as was the owner's original vision - with a few creative pitstops along the way. 
Once the website was live, we used the agency's new look to guide the development of branded collateral like a defined social media presence, pitch assets, and more.
Client: BrandWell Solutions
Agency: BrandWell Solutions
Owner, Chief Strategy Officer: Stephanie Cotts
Owner, Chief Creative Officer: Rob Candor
Senior Art Director/Designer: Liz White
Designer: Katie Walker
Development: Triple G Interactive