As the lead designer from the BrandWell team, I had the responsibility of delivering a visually exceptional product. However, I was fortunate to have prior examples for inspiration. The initial phase of this project involved gathering and analyzing these examples, setting a benchmark for our work.
A recurring theme in past examples was that the conference theme was often tied to the host location. With the 2022 conference taking place in Burlington, Vermont, near Lake Champlain, I conducted in-depth research to identify distinctive features and attributes of the location.
With the imagery for the branding defined, the design process began. I started by curating an inspiration board, consolidating ideas and providing a clear project direction and vision. This board served as an ongoing reference guide to maintain design alignment.
After gathering inspiration images, I designed the program's cover, serving as a gauge of the client's response to the core visual style. With input from our internal team, this cover underwent a few revisions before sending to the client for their approval.
From this point, I handled the rest of the booklet design. Unlike typical projects guided by a copy document, the client was still collecting real-time information, including speakers, room assignments, and sponsors. To manage this, I assumed the role of client communication, including proofreading, organizing new content, creative input, status updates, and delivery expectations. This dual role ensured visual consistency with our intended style and exceeded client expectations.
Client: Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing
Agency: BrandWell Solutions
Chief Strategy Officer/Account Manager: Stephanie Cotts
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Candor
Senior Art Director: Liz White
Printing: PXPOHIO