In 2022, our agency was entrusted with the task of designing the NASLEF program for the first time. While this undertaking imposed a significant responsibility on us to deliver an exceptional visual product, we were also fortunate to have a wealth of prior examples that we could draw inspiration from. Thus, the initial phase of this process involved collecting and examining these examples, which served as a benchmark for us to meet, and hopefully surpass. 
One consistent theme we identified in all of the previous examples was that the theme for the conference was predominantly influenced by the host location. As such, with the 2022 conference set to be held in Burlington, Vermont, situated on the shores of Lake Champlain, we proceeded to conduct thorough research on the location to identify its distinguishing features and attributes. 
Once we knew what the imagery for the branding would show, the design process could begin. As a first step, I began to gather inspiration and ideas in one place, helping to establish a clear direction and vision for the project. This inspiration board would then serve as a reference guide throughout the project, ensuring that the design remains on track.
Upon collecting some inspiration images, I crafted the initial version of the program's cover, which serves as a tool to evaluate the client's response to the fundamental visual style. This cover was tweaked and modified a few times before it was shown to and approved by the client.
From that point, I was responsible for designing the rest of the booklet. However, unlike normal circumstances when we would use a copy document to guide the design, the client was still gathering all of the necessary information for the book in real-time, including speakers, room assignments and sponsors.
To manage this constant flow of information, I took on the responsibility of client communication about the program, including proofreading and organizing new information, creative consultation, status updates and delivery expectations. Through this hybrid role, I was able to ensure the final product was visually consistent with our intended style and exceeded client expectations.