Flats of the packaging below. I was responsible for including all of the information required on the packaging, from the ingredient list to nutrition facts. Often, this was a challenge as the packaging templates were very small. Organizing type in a small space was one skill I picked up in this project, and while I would change the execution for a few of the templates now, I'm generally happy with the look and feel I developed for the brand.
The in-store customer experience was an important part of launching the products. I created a flyer announcing a product launch that was posted in local businesses around the area, and an in-store checklist to help the owner quickly identify the needs of customers who entered the store.
To reach out to customers on the digital-front, I created promotional posts for the line's Instagram page, and an email graphic that was sent out to members of the community.
A few more shots of the line, photo-styled by Hempelujah's owner and various consumers.